Sean Badely
Principle Coach

Hi All,


Thanks for dropping by, and looking at what Uniquely Human has to offer.

I started uniquely human to share my passion for people-focused leadership with all those that will listen. I have learned and demonstrated leadership skills whilst working within some of the world’s leading branded organisations. Holding roles in North America, Europe and Australia. I am a Master of Business Administration (Candidate) with RMIT University, and hold a post-graduate degree in Business Administration. 

My resume is stake with real lived experience to share, with over 15 years’ experience leading and coaching. I am passionate about empowering others with this knowledge.

I hold a passion for cultivation the soft skills that make the working environment a pleasant and productive space, where leads know how to get the most from there people. My key content focuses on preparing individuals and leaders with the skills to demonstrate self-awareness, team awareness, and Cultural Intelligence could with the framework and theory to create high-performing resilient teams.

As a practitioner of Prince2 Project Management, Belbin Team Role Accredited Practitioner and Successful Leader. I understand how communication, relationships, timelines, business goals, and everyday pressures can impact the work of leadership. I have seen what works, and more importantly, I have the lived experience of what creates the roadblocks to success and how to overcome them.

I have known, that when people grow, businesses grow, and this belief informs the work I do each day.


Drop me a note, or give me a buzz and let’s discuss how we can collaborate